Dave and I were in youth ministry for 11 years before we planted a church and became senior pastors at Kinetic Church. I knew I always wanted to chaperone youth trips when my kids were finally old enough to go, just like many of our dear friends did when we worked with youth.

However, I did not expect that once in middle school, my eldest son would quietly request that I not go to camp or conferences with him. “Mom, I need to make my own space, everyone knows you and I don’t want them to know me as your kid,” is basically what he told me. Well, who am I to argue with that? He had good youth sponsors so I felt safe entrusting him to go, but I was a little sad too.

Along comes child number two! A daughter who is a little shyer than her extrovert brother. This one wants me to go, and so I gladly go. When this one gets to middle school, she quietly asks if I will go to CCYC with her. Of course! Hooray!

This past weekend was the conference. It was great! We had a blast! My eldest, who is now in 8th grade, was doing a workshop at the conference about his trip to India. He had no issues with me going this time.

I was a little afraid that I wasn’t fun anymore, no worries, fun was had by all.

How do you juggle chaperoning with your kids? Are you just glad someone else is doing it and you don’t have to? Or do you want to go and be a part of the trip?


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