peopleglobe2I really want to change. I don’t want my life and ministry to be comfortable and cushy. I regret some of the ways that I’ve done things here. I don’t want to make the same mistakes again.

Some of you are new to church planting and you are wondering if I’ve been smoking crack. You can’t imagine the words “cushy” and “ministry” going together. I pray that you never do. For others of you, you completely understand. Maybe you’re not comfortable in ministry because of the length of time that you’ve been serving, but because you’ve never really been on board with the church plant. You take a back seat to ministry and serving and let your husband do all the work.

Here’s my prayer for all of us: That God would transform us and make use into sold-out servants. That we would really put other people first and consider them more important than us. That we would volunteer to do all the worst jobs and not complain about it. That we would lead by example and inspire others to serve just by watching us. That our choices would bring glory to God. That our pride and selfishness would be destroyed. And that we would turn the world upside down because our lives have been turned upside down by God.

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