I am reading an amazing book by Dr. Wess Stafford. It is called, Too Small or Ignore – Why the Least of These Matters Most. What a great book! If you are not familiar with Dr. Stafford, he is the president and CEO of Compassion International. Compassion is an organization that provides an opportunity for Americans to “adopt” a child to support. The child then receives food, medical care, an education and an introduction to Jesus. It works in conjunction with local churches abroad. Our family has “adopted” two children through Compassion.

The book is all about his childhood growing up in West Africa while his parents were missionaries there. His love for children is evident and his description of what Satan desires to do to the weakest among us from the moment of birth is haunting. He also tells of the village culture in Nielle, where he grew up.

He honestly shares the abuse he an his sister and other classmates experienced at the hands of the boarding school they attended. This book reminds us of how important children are now, not just in the future, but now, as they are learning and developing into who they will be. Now is when the impact is the most important.

I loved reading this book, even though it brought me to tears over and over again. I appreciated Dr. Stafford’s transparency and his vision for hurting children all over the world today.

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