Grass is Greener The other night, at our Elevation ladies event, I had a very interesting conversation.  You see, up until this conversation, I had this thought, Won’t it be nice when my children are teenagers and they sleep in!

I heard one lady remark to another, I always get so jealous when I find out how early your kids go to bed. You see this lady has teenage girls who apparently burn the midnight oil.

All the sudden, I realized that when they get bigger, you no longer have the night to yourself.  At our house we eat dinner, then give the kids a bath and put them to sleep around 7pm.  My husband and I enjoy the rest of the evening peacefully.  In a few short years our evenings could be filled with game practices, lessons, homework and loud music.

The reality is, the day has to start.  Maybe I should be thankful for my two little un-snoozable alarm clocks that wake me up between 6-7 every day but go to bed by 7:30 most every night.  One day we will still have to get up early, but they will go to bed late.

I would love to hear from you, how old are your kids and what time to they wake up and go to sleep?

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