I spent my Super Bowl Sunday afternoon on a special date with my husband. That’s what I am calling our 3 hour stint at the college laundromat! Unfortunately, we are in this season of life where everything is breaking and falling apart. If it isn’t one thing it’s another. And this week the “another” was the washer.

With four kids, you kinda need to do a lot of laundry and I was planning on catching up Sunday afternoon, but from the comforts of home, not the laundromat. Especially since we had purposefully not planned anything for that afternoon. Usually we host a huge Super Bowl party for small group or friends from Kinetic, but this year we opted out.

The best thing about it was being able to spend time with Dave. It was super great for him to help me fold all the clothes, which usually never happens. Actually, that was the second best thing. The best thing was the front row seat to all the laundromat craziness. We actually got to see some interesting interaction between a client and the owner which involved the police and a burnt coverlet.

Never a dull moment!

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