stretch-a-dollar2010, a new year, a new decade, and a new chance to affect lives for Christ!  As we zoom into this new, newness, that seems so exciting, I know there are a lot of church planting wives and families out there really struggling financially.  I have heard so many stories of planters working full time jobs while working to plant the church, or both spouses are working to make it.  Many of you that I have talked to have lost benefits (health and otherwise) during this big transition in your life.  I know some of you are on food stamps and thank the Lord for free lunches at school for the kids.  I want to take a moment to encourage you and thank you for giving up your life and comfort to make a difference in the lives of those who don’t know Christ.

As we enter this new year, please take a moment and share below any tips you have learned for stretching the church planting family’s dollar.  What do you do that helps to make a difference in your family finances?  I know for us, we still have one child at home, the other three are in school.  It has been a long-time goal for me to be home with our children, especially while they are young.  However, financially, that has been difficult at times.  Currently, I babysit in my home for one little girl during the week.  This allows me to still be home for my kids when they get off the bus and all day with the 2 year old, but also earn a little extra cash to help out the family.  There have been times when I have babysat for up to 4 other kids, (not recommending it) just to make ends meet.

What tips and tricks do you use that help you save money or earn a little extra to help the family out?  How has God protected you and prospered your family during these tough economic times? Please share your insights and stories below and know you are not alone in this.

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