This may seem shallow, heartless and totally unChristlike, but do you ever just want to say to some people, “Sorry, I’m not Sorry?” Sorry, I am a Christian and I don’t care if that offends you. Sorry, I’m not sorry that my first amendment rights count too. Sorry, I’m not sorry that me being a pastor’s wife makes you uncomfortable. These ungenerous thoughts may merely reflect the current hormone levels in my monthly cycle, so be gracious with me, but seriously, do we apologize too much for what we actually believe?

Last Sunday, Pastor Dave, my sweet and super talented hubby, gave the most amazing talk that is launching our new sermon series at Kinetic, Sorry I’m Not Sorry. It is a 5 week series in apologetics (get it, sorry not sorry?) explaining actual logical proofs for the faith that we have. It is a great series for people who still aren’t sure of what they believe or perhaps they know what they believe, but they need a few resources to deal with that person at work or school who struggles with thinking that Christianity doesn’t make sense, or is a crutch, or what have you.

You can download Kinetic’s podcasts on iTunes. This series should be amazing, however, this Sunday’s talk was so visual, it’s too bad we didn’t video it. If Sunday’s talk isn’t up yet, it should be soon!

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