I don’t know where you are in the United States, but if you are anywhere near the Eastern seaboard, you have been locked in under snowy and icy conditions this weekend.

For me, it has been a really great time to gather all my growing ducks together and play in the snow, watch movies, and play board games. I remember when my 4 kiddos were so small that bundling them all up and getting out in the snow seemed to take hours, only to come back inside after about 30 minutes to warm up and drink cocoa.

Now that they are ages 8-17, they don’t need me to get them dressed to go out. They stay out for hours nailing each other with snowballs, making snow cream on their own, and coming in occasionally to grab some soup I have simmering on the stove.

I do, however, remember how exhaustingly wonderful it was with my little ones. But these days the pace of my life seems faster than ever with each child going in a couple of directions each day, especially since I have gone back to work.

I look forward to these unexpected breaks with our busy lives and I simply luxuriate in them. I have slept in, worn pajamas all day, binge watched a whole season of Falling Skies, made pralines, not taken a shower, cooked, cleaned a little, organized a little, read, and rested.

So while we have this moment of blessed pause in our frantic daily pace, which is what I consider a snow day to be, what have you done to take care of yourself? What have you done to feed your soul, your person-hood? Not your mama or wife or planter’s wife self, but you, your own self?

Leave your comments below on what you do to practice self care in your life.

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