Small Groups, Life Groups, Community Groups, Gel Groups, Missional Communities, etc., whatever name you choose to use, most of us planter and pastor wives have some version of this group meeting in our homes every week. Dave and I just launched our new group for this season and we are trying something different.

In the past, when we have formed a group, we have looked around and sought out people who “needed” a group, people who were new, who were overlooked, or who just needed to connect. Or we put our name on the sign-up table with the other group leaders and allowed people to just sign up for whichever group they chose. And this was fine.

But this year, as we reflected on some of our lessons learned during our Sabbatical, we decided to do something different. We decided to rest with our small group.

This year we hand picked people to be in our group. We chose healthy people that we just wanted to do life with, something we hadn’t felt we “should” do before. Some of the couples we already had a relationship with, one couple we wanted to get to know better,  and one older couple we asked because we’d love to learn from them.

We really wanted to do life with a group of people that felt fairly nondramatic. We all are broken and come to these groups with our bag of hurts dragging behind us. However, this year, we didn’t want to put our group in the position of being an ICU each week, which often happens. We have done ICU before, and I’m sure will do it again, but this season we will rest.

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