Getting ready this week to head out of town for a Bloom Leadership planning retreat. The best part about this retreat each year is the chance to spend time with four other busy church planter wives. We would never really have or “make” the time to meet except for the fact that we have to get work done. We work on planning for the Bloom ministry for the next 12 months, plans for our large group retreat, and we laugh and encourage one another. We pray for the planter wives in the Bloom network and ask God to give us direction.

Why do we, as busy women in ministry, tend to wait until there is something to “do” to get away with friends that refresh and renew us? I am beginning to realize this summer, during our Sabbatical, that as in all things, if we don’t make it happen, probably no one else will. So I am making a Half The Year’s Through Resolution: I am going to make a point of getting together with women who refresh me this year. I will try to do it once a year and more often if necessary.

Luckily, I am entering a stage of life when all my babies are about to be in school. This resolution would have been more difficult to make with infants and toddlers in tow, which is probably why I haven’t made it before. But I know many of you plan “Girlfriend Getaways.” What is your secret? How do you carve time (and money) out of your busy schedule to make this happen? Who plans it? Where do you go? What do you do? Tell all!

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