I like to think I am a good mother, that I promote healthy eating for my children. That I provide delicious healthy meals, even on school mornings. But all this starts to break down on Sunday mornings as I “single parent” four children out the door and on towards church. My husband, being the lead pastor of our church, leaves very early on Sundays, which makes me a single-Sunday mother each week. I’m not just a regular attender “single mother,” but I am also the elementary director at our church and to top it all off, there is the additional pressure of being the pastor’s wife!

So…some things go by the wayside on Sunday mornings. Little things like matching, unwrinkled clothes, personal hygiene and healthy breakfasts. Pop Tarts are my “go to” meal for Sunday AM. Whatever is happening on Saturday, I make sure that I have an unopened box of Pop Tarts for Sunday. They are quick, easy and make everyone happy, and you can eat them in the car. My children love this arrangement. It is something they look forward to, a tradition, if you will. After all, what kid would say, “no” to an amazing, iced sugar high? (And NO, I do not make them from scratch or homemake them in any way, what so ever!)

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