So I had one of “those” days Tuesday. You know the kind of day where the world seems against you. My day began by answering the phone. Another friend is pregnant, and I am not. It took us almost a year to get pregnant with Sarai and I had promised myself I would not become impatient this time around. But five months into the “trying process” and I’m already on edge. First on my “to do” list was dropping off the car at Sam’s to have the tires rotated around 10 a.m. My sweet friend Mary Beth had agreed to pick me up so we could take our girls to the story time hour at our local Borders Books while my car was unavailable. Should have been easy enough right? As I walked up to the woman at the car center, she apologetically informed me that they were shorthanded today and would need 2 hours to rotate my tires. No big deal I thought. She said she would call me when my car was done. Mary Beth and I would just take our girls to grab a bite to eat after Borders to kill time. So I gave her my information, handed her the key to my Honda Accord and met my friend in front of the store.

My morning was off to a decent start. The girls had a blast at Borders and we had a yummy lunch at Panera Bread. By this time it was noon and still no call from Sam’s. So being the money conscience women we are, we decided to go wander through the dollar bins at Target. Dangerous I say! By the time we found the checkout line at Target, it was 12:45 and I was hoping Sam’s had just forgotten to call me. Arriving back at the auto center two and half hours later, I learned my car had just been taken into the garage and it would be 30ish minutes before all four tires would be securely back in place. We were well into naptime so I thanked Mary Beth for a nice morning and sent her home to put her 2 year old down. An hour later, I was finally driving home with my own very tired 2 year old. I had survived the morning.

But the afternoon was just beginning. Sarai was now overtired and fought her afternoon nap, I spent way too long on the phone with Sprint trying to get an explanation for why we were being charged for a service included in our plan, and our electricity went out just as I was beginning to put the meatballs together for spaghetti. My patience was on empty. Thankfully we have a gas stove. I lit a few candles and continued to work on dinner. But my mood was sour. About this time the Holy Spirit gently began prodding at my bad attitude but I clearly did not want to listen. The power came back on and we made it through dinner. I cleaned up the kitchen and began working on a new cookie recipe while my husband put our daughter to bed. Once Sarai was down, he joined me in the kitchen so we could share the events of our day. One topic led to another and we ended up having a rather heated conversation. Oh, and my cookies ended up being way more work than they were worth. I was frustrated, I was tired, I was ready to crawl into my bed and pretend the day had never happened.

After semi-resolving our conversation, Mike wandered down to the family room and I headed upstairs to our bedroom to find my PJs. The Holy Spirit wanted to talk to me again because as I washed my face, I started thinking about people who most likely had a much more difficult day than me: my friend whose husband recently lost his job; the family who lost everything in a house fire; the couple who was told they cannot become pregnant. “Not now!” I remember thinking. I was enjoying my pity party! But as I crawled under my warm down comforter and let the stillness surround me, I heard Him talking to me again. “Be still and know that I am God.” “Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say, rejoice!”

How many times today had I asked God to be a part of my frustrations? Umm, none. How many times had I stopped and asked for His patience and understanding. Umm, not once. Lord, I’m so sorry. My day could have been so different if I had let You help me find the joy in the curveballs thrown at me. Satan is on the prowl and he is looking for any way to distract us. As church planter’s wives, our days will inevitable involve many highs and lows but if we don’t allow God to be a part of both, we will become tired and frustrated just like I was today. I pray the next time my day does not go how I would have planned, I will be still and ask Him to show me how to rejoice through it all. I’m still a work in progress and I’m thankful He isn’t finished with me yet.

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