Vintage MomIn honor of upcoming Mother’s day, I thought I would share 3 lessons my mother taught me that I will pass along to my children…

  1. Pretty is as pretty does.  If I heard that once, I heard it a thousand times during my childhood.  I don’t think I truly understood what my mother was saying until I was an adult.  You are only as pretty on the outside as you are on the inside.  Beauty is not a requirement for God to use you, but a pure heart is.
  2. You become like the people you hang around.  Every year, on the first day of school (as well as throughout the year) my mother gave me this lecture about the importance of the friends I chose.  This lesson is so hard to learn when you are in a school setting.  Peer pressure can be intense.  But oh the pay off when I finally got this.  I am the person I am today (by the grace of God) because of the influences in my life from high school and college.  If I could only wave a magic wand over my kids and teach them this one early!!
  3. Do your best.  My mother did not push me as far as academics were concerned, she just said, “Do your best.”  Hard work honors God but God is not looking for perfect people.  This is a comforting thought.

Ironically I must add a fourth point to this blog entry.  I have spent the last 45 minutes searching for a picture of my mother and I.  I have none.  The funny thing is, my mother is constantly saying “I want to get a picture.”  Every time I am around my mom, she says this.  So at the risk of my mother rubbing this in for the rest of my life…

4.  Take lots of pictures.  You can never have enough.

Its your turn to share… Whats one thing your mother has taught you that you intend to pass along?

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