Kay Warren, Southern Girls part 2So continuing from my first post, A Lesson From Southern Girls: Part 1, here is Part 2.

…But when that casual attitude follows you to a conference…watch out! I was at Exponential West last week, at Saddleback Community Church. I was honored to host a workshop and a conversation session earlier in the week. I was also working a booth representing Stadia and Bloom. I had worn a cute outfit to the workshops and fixed my hair earlier in the week. But today was Thursday, the conference was ending at noon, and we had nothing left to do but pack up.

So while I did take a shower and wash my hair, I just let it go naturally curly. Not the sleekest look, not a “Southern Girl” look, but fine for tear down and a drive to LA to visit my aunt and uncle. No problem!

Until…I get a frantic call on my cell phone from the conference coordinator asking if I would be on a panel with Kay Warren in a workshop that was starting in 5 minutes! Yikes! OK, I’m on my way. So I head over to the venue where this session was to take place and start to reflect on what I had chosen to wear that day. Oh yes, a dark gray “Happy Happy Happy” t-shirt, not super flattering, and a grey cardigan. To be fair, I did buy the shirt at Old Navy (because I knew my boys would love it), not from Duck Dynasty, but still.

So in those 5 minutes of walking to the session, I had to wrestle with my vanity and determine what would win. My discomfort with my outfit and my hair, or peace and a determined calm to share what I could with the people at the workshop? As I met Kay Warren and Shawn Lovejoy, our panel host, I was escorted to the stage and I just took a deep breath and went for it. I figured, I may not look my best, but I will certainly be poised!

The panel discussion went well, it was on honor to meet Kay, and before you knew it, we were done. I was shaking hands and on my way. I can’t tell you that I wasn’t a little uncomfortable with my level of “put togetherness” that day, but I can tell you that my desire to encourage the men and women planting churches won out over my vanity. I’ve posted a picture of the panel participants in the first post/part 1. You be the judge of my fashion faux pas in the comments below. I’d love to know what you think!

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