At Kinetic, we have tried all different sorts of Easter Egg Hunts in the past. We have had morning hunts, afternoon hunts, and flashlight egg hunts, all in an effort to find just the right time slot to benefit the schedules of most people. Between juggling a great location spot with the best time slot, it can easily become an intimidating task.

This year we were forced to hold our egg hunt on March 10, three weeks prior to Easter, to get the location we wanted. This turned out to be a huge blessing because the weather in our area was beautiful that weekend and subsequent weekends have been dark and unseasonably cold.

We did do the hunt a little differently this year though. We advertised it as an Church Picnic/Egg Hunt. We really wanted the entire church to be involved and not just families with children of egg hunt age. To ensure that, we offered activities for every age group. We had a volleyball tourney that many of our young adults with no children participated in. Our youth minister volunteered the services of the youth group to hide the eggs. We grilled out hot dogs and asked everyone to bring a side dish and a 2 liter.

The result was amazing! Not only did we have our egg hunt, but the whole church came together for an afternoon of fellowship and fun and invited visitors to a non-threatening event. Next year we may try the neighborhood hunt, where different families host an egg hunt for their area and represent Kinetic in the process.

What do you do for your community at Easter?

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