Kinetic Church Changes Names

by: Dave Milam

I’ve always known that God uses apparent obstacles as a platforms for birthing something new. Yet, for some reason, I’m constantly amazed every time He does it, especially when I’m involved.


About two years ago, the leadership of a large sister-church in our area made the decision to rebrand. They had chosen a name that had a strangely similar, sound-alike quality to the name “Kinetic” but had not moved forward with rebranding. In fact, the names sounded so similar that I felt moved to oppose their new name – sighting our federal trademark and the likelihood of confusion.

Over the next two years conversations evaporated, so it appeared the conflict had resolved itself. Then I received news this spring that, our sister-church had ignored our past and recent objections, and instead moved forward with their new sound-alike name in spite of our requests.


About four weeks ago, I met with my coach, Carl George, and lamented my woeful story of hurt, anger and bitterness over the sound-alike name conflict. Carl has been studying church growth longer than I’ve been alive and has served as my consultant, friend and spiritual Yoda for the past seven months. And as difficult as it may be sometimes, he always tells me the hard and painful truth.

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