Sometimes I get frustrated with the plates I am thrown during the day and expected to keep spinning.  Not only am I trying to get three kids ready for school while keeping the baby from climbing up on the table, but now all of a sudden my day is rearranged because my ever busy church planting husband has accepted yet another invitation to speak at another church about church planting, tonight!

Yes, tonight, the night I have a women’s bible study hosted at my house while my husband usually takes care of the four sweet children.  As I rush around to get a dinner of sandwiches and chips to the kids, I take a few moments to discuss the battle plan.  Kids, I am really going to need your help tonight to get everything ready in time, can you do this?  Yes, they cry!  Noah volunteers to clean the kitchen, Chloe and Alex volunteer to pick up the living room and Gideon gets to stay in the high chair all while I whip up a loaf of chocolate chip pumpkin bread for the study tonight.  What great kids!

Women arrive as I finish cleaning up the kitchen with Noah.  Gideon as been feasting on the chocolate chips I have tossed his direction to keep him from screaming. Alex is in the bath because he feels “itchy” and Chloe is gathering Veggie Tale DVD’s for them to watch during the study.

Finally, I get the kids setteled upstairs and start the study only to find that the message is focused on the thought “It is not all about me” and “God’s truth + my truth = Freedom.”  Well, what a mind blowing thought.  I know that!  But apparently God knew I needed to hear that message because I was all worried about getting my kids ready, and my dinner on the table and my house ready, and my husband this or that…hmmm?  Maybe I was thinking it was all about me and that is why I was so frustrated.

Thank goodness I can let God’s truth be my truth and start to feel some freedom.  I don’t have to keep the plates spinning alone.  He is there to help me if I only look up and ask.

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