OK ladies, I am finally able to say, “I’m writing a book about Church Planting Wives!” This has been a dream for almost two years and this summer I am blessed to have the opportunity to make it come true.

There is something in me that has been hesitant to say that I am writing this book. I committed to writing it in January, but only now am feeling like I must talk about it. Perhaps it is because I was afraid to say the words until I felt like it might really be happening. I am sure there is some sort of brokenness in me that fears failure and especially fears it in front of an audience.

But here goes, I have taken the leap and I am letting you all in on it. The book will be called, Bloom Where You’re Planted, and it will be a compilation of stories and wisdom from me and many of my friends in Bloom, a ministry by church planting wives for church planting wives via Stadia New Church Strategies. I am excited and honored to have the opportunity to share with you all the stories of many planting wives and how God moved in our lives.

My deadline is early August to have it to the publisher and it should be available by mid-September for purchase. As of now I am planning to market the book both in paperback and ebook editions. So now you know, and I will be keeping you updated all summer long on my progress. I appreciate any and all your prayers and encouragement as I pull this book together!

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