Life has gone from crazy to insane in just a few days. We met with a realtor and decided to put our house on the market. The market is so slow here and comparable houses have been sitting in our neighborhood for months. We thought it would be better to sell now and have to deal with finding a place to rent rather than moving and having to pay two house payments.

Our house is in good condition, but there is still so much to do. I keep hurting myself. I tore up my ankle on a picture frame, I keep running into things. The worst was last night when I tripped in the garage while holding about 25 pounds of stuff in my arms. I literally landed on my face. Thankfully some bags of clothes were nearby so I laid there for a while and laughed and cried. I am so sore today; I feel like I was in a car accident!

Vince performed a wedding this weekend and referenced Matthew 7 about the wise and foolish builders. Is your house built on sand or rock? It got me thinking about moving and all the stuff I have to do. I began to feel overwhelmed, but then realized that the important part is remembering that my “house” is built on rock. No matter what happens between now and then I can rest in knowing that my foundation is God. Everything we do is built on His solid foundation. So whether my house sells in one day or 100 days I’m OK because my foundation is solid. The winds and rain can come, but I won’t be knocked down.

Unless of course I trip again…then I will certainly get knocked down.

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