One of the best things about writing a book is having people ask you to sign it. I admit, it feels a little weird at first, but it really is a lot of fun. So I am learning to get over the weirdness and sign away!  I had the great pleasure of attending a hometown book signing at my hometown Christian book store, The Bridge, in Van Wert, Ohio to promote Bloom Where You’re Planted, last week.

I was in town for my, shhhh…25 year class reunion! Old, I know, right? When I received the invitation, I thought, who’d come to that? But I was surprised and delighted to encounter two of my most favorite Sunday School teachers, Moni Hubble and Marcia Wise, among others, who came to offer encouragement and support. My mom and grandma came, as well as aunts and other relatives. But you kind of expect the family to represent.

You never know who you’ll see at a book signing, but it may just be two amazing women who poured into your life at a young age and cared about your spiritual development. Besides my parents, Moni and Marcia made a huge impact on my young life for Christ and I am forever grateful for their service to Jesus because it means I know Christ too! Thanks ladies!

Here’s a huge shout out to Sunday School teachers, youth leaders, sponsors, youth ministers, and anyone else working with kids today. You never know who you are teaching, continue being faithful, and you’ll be surprised, maybe one day you’ll walk into a book signing for some student you had, long ago. Who impacted your life for Christ? Share your thoughts and comments below.  (Also below is a photo of me and my grandma, Monnie Ferris, 92 years strong!)


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