feeling-hormonal-yl-deHey Church Planting Ladies,

Candy has some real needs.  I think we have all been in a position where we have really needed a mentor or at least someone who can listen to us vent without judgment. Please read her question and take some time to thoughtfully answer it. Thank you all for supporting one another.

I really need someone to relate too. My husband is a family pastor of a new church start (4 months old) We felt God (still do) calling us to be full time first week in July, we currently live on support from family/friends, things are really starting to get behind in danger of losing house, car ect.. I believe trying to get a job for my husband or myself would be in direct opposite of what God has asked us to do. The craziest part is there is a Lead Pastor and he is working full time (a flexible job) but full time and my husband is a family pastor that pretty much does the day to day task of running the church (which we LOVE and Lead Pastor supports or decision) but I don’t feel worthy of this call first of all and second I really want to know I am not crazy. I really need a mentor that has been down this road I truly! I believe GOD will move in his time. But it is so lonely right now, my bestest bud in the whole world is our Pastor’s wife, but she is not called to walk the same road and I feel I can’t fully experience this with her. I feel my job is to be there for her. Any advice, testimony, or encouragement would be greatly appreciated. – Candy Morris

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