Yesterday I think I was about to go crazy!  I had a group of women coming over for dinner and Bible study. (Praise God for Katherine Freeman who brought the soup and bread and Nicole Anthony and Joanna Mayhew who brought a dessert!)  I was trying to finish decorating the Christmas tree before everyone came over.  I had gotten everything else done earlier, other home decorations, the lights on the tree, the garland, everything.  I was just waiting for the kids to get home from school so they could help decorate the tree.  So we could have a nice family memory and tradition, of course.

When they got home, I told them to hurry and do their homework so they could put the decorations on.  Well, it took forever for them to get a snack and do their homework.  Probably partly because I was not paying close attention to them because I was vacuuming and trying to get the house straightened up.

Needless to say, at some point I turned into the screaming ninny or a yelling mother, because I was so frustrated that things were not moving at the pace I expected. Not to mention Gideon wandering around either crying for me to hold him or undoing all the cleaning or decorations I had put in place. (Why do they only want you to hold them when you can’t?)  Nothing is more frustrating than keeping a 19 month old off the ornaments of the Christmas tree, when he sees everyone else playing with them.

So much for nice memories and family tradition. I had to apologize to my kids for freaking out and pushing so hard.  I had to explain that if we did not get it done, it was alright, Mommy was just stressed out.  My biggest fear is that they will only remember my failures and not all the good things.  “Remember when Mom yelled at us when we were decorating the Christmas tree that one year?” – Cringe!

Well, we were not done when people arrived. I had not yet had a shower for the day.  I was wearing the clothes I had had on the night before, but you know what?  No one seemed to care or notice.  We still had a great time and I really needed the lesson we had later that emphasized letting God fill up my empty spaces.

And the tree finally did get decorated!  Doesn’t it look great?  Even if there do seem to be a lot of ornaments clustered at the bottom!  Let me know if you ever have days like this, or am I the only one?

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