marriage5Last Sunday we attended my husband’s parents church in Moncks Corner.  They had a guest preacher who did a great job talking about the weight of our words.  He said one line in the message that will probably stay with me forever.

The best thing to do when settling an argument is when you are wrong, say you’re sorry and when you are right, shut up.

Last night, on our date, I thanked my husband for apologizing to me the other day.  We had a small altercation about something insignificant a few days earlier.  A few hours later, he sincerely apologized for being insensitive.  I told him how much it meant to me that he sincerely admitted that he was wrong.

I think apologizing is a lost art.  I think many married couples never apologize to each other.  I know a couple who does not speak to each other for days after an argument.  Eventually, they just start speaking again, neither of them ever apologizing for the way they hurt the other.  How dangerous it is to let hurt and unforgiveness build up in a marriage.

At the same time, gloating is never admirable.  Just one party deserves an apology, the other party deserves respect.  If you are right, shut up.

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