You might be a pastor’s wife if…you have ever been invited on a funeral date. Imagine me saying that in a Jeff Foxworthy (You might be a redneck) tone. Those of you that have been on this particular excursion are cracking up right now. You know what I’m talking about.

The conversation goes a little something like this:

Pastor Husband: Hey, I have to attend so and so’s funeral Saturday night.

Wife: Uh huh.

Pastor Husband: I should be out by 6pm, would you like to come with me and we can hit that new restaurant you have been wanting to try after the service?

See what I mean? Funeral date.

This happened recently with my husband. He asked me this very question and I started cracking up. Of course, he wanted to know why I was laughing so hard about someone’s funeral. When I could finally keep a straight face I asked, “Are you asking me on a Funeral Date?”

Next thing you know we were both cracking up. This is what ministry does to you.

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