IMG_7405When we moved to plant One Life, our family embraced a new Family Valentine Tradition. It was born out of necessity because we had just moved far, far, away to plant this church. Charlotte was a city where we knew no one and we definitely didn’t have a list of safe babysitters. Besides not wanting to fight the entire city for a table we couldn’t really afford, we wanted to celebrate this holiday of love with our kids and let then know how important our family was and celebrate the fact that we all loved each other.

One of our favorite places to go for Valentines or special occasions had been the Melting Pot. So I decided that we would create our own Valentine Family Fondue Night. I purchased an electric fondue pot and some semi sweet chocolate chips. I cut up oranges, pineapples, apples, bananas, strawberries and pound cake. Oh, and marshmallows!

I kept dinner simple, and let the dessert and fruit be the main course. It was a hit! The kids loved it! They loved spending the night with Mom and Dad, decadently eating as much fruit covered with chocolate as they wanted.

From that first year, the “Annual Milam Valentines Family Fondue Night” has grown from one fondue pot with chocolate to a chocolate fountain, a fondue pot of white chocolate and one of dark chocolate. The kids help prep everything now that they are older and they help shop for and plan the Fondue Night menu.
What is amazing to me is that they remember and talk about it all year long. “Remember when we had fondue night…” or now that we are in February, “I can’t wait for family fondue night, Mom can we have…”

By simply meeting a need our family had in a creative way and committing to making it happen each year, our family birthed a beloved tradition. As you look about your life, are there simple things that could easily be transformed into a memorable family tradition with just a little more intentionality? Do you have a Valentine’s tradition? If so, please post photos after the 14th or email them to me and I’ll post them here.

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