Did you ever have a fake ID? Shhhhhh…I did!

When I was a senior in high school, my journalism class took a field trip to New York City. One afternoon while shopping for souvenirs,  I and a couple of girlfriends slipped into a little shop and had our photos taken and fake ID’s made. I felt notorious and terrified all at once just having it in my pocket.

What if someone found it? What if my mom found it? What exactly was I going to do with it? Needless to say, I was too afraid of being “busted” for having a fake ID to ever try to use it. I decided I’d rather just be myself. I didn’t even like alcohol, I just wanted to go dancing!

This month at Kinetic we are exploring our identities and examining them to see if they match what God says our identity is.

For the church planter, this matter of identity is a little sticky. We can become so enmeshed with our church and our people, in our jobs or our titles that we forget who we really are. We may find ourselves trapped by the position. Our whole personhood encapsulated in one phrase, “Pastor’s wife,” or “Planting Wife,” or maybe “worship leader,” or “children’s minstry director,” or “women’s ministry director.”

If your church plant has become your ID, part of who you are, what you identify yourself with, that can be a very dangerous place for a planter to be. If any of the ministries fail to perform the way you expect, what are you left with? And if the plant fails in those areas, you’ve tied your self worth to that performance. On the other hand, if you are super successful, suddenly you may start believing that you and your amazing talent had everything to do with it.

It helps me to remember that I’m just a girl, saved by grace, who loves Jesus. All the rest is what I do to serve Christ, but not who I am.

Have you ever struggled with this identity issue? In what ways? Please share what has helped you on your planting journey.

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