There’s something about knowing you’re going to church camp for a week that motivates your mom to get you some much needed summer clothes.

That’s what my mom did for me each year and what Chloe and I did today. We hit the mall and searched and searched for cute shorts that did not look like your behind was falling out of them. What is it with that style anyway? Seriously, back in the old school days, girls who cut their jeans off at the crotch and wore them around were considered, well…you know.

Now we sell them to preteens and anyone else in all sorts of fun colors suggesting these are fun and flattering. And they “only” cost $30 bucks! My 11 year old daughter is tiny and she probably could wear them, but only over my dead body. Each time I see a young girl sporting these trendy short shorts, I just want to rush over and “mother” her. Explain about guys and self respect and not sending the wrong message, oh and on and on.

Thankfully, Chloe doesn’t like them one bit and she actually prefers shorts that almost hit her knees if they are cute and comfy. We found her favorite style of shorts at Justice, where she was able to use her birthday gift cards and also some cute shirts and a plaid short at P.S. by Aeropostale.

She is in this t-shirt, soft pant, comfort stage and I am trying to enjoy it because I know there will come a day when the clothes she wants will be more womanly. I may have to wage a few clothing battles then, so I am grateful to not have to be fighting them now.

But about church camp! We leave Sunday and I am really excited because I am going as a counselor/cabin mom with Chloe and speaking Sunday night for vespers and then teaching a class all week.

Do any of you have church camp memories? What was your favorite thing about church camp?

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