Children's Ministry Banner3 Tips to Picking an Awesome Children’s Ministry Banner:

When it comes time to chunking down a large sum of money for a children’s ministry banner, many of us can be stymied into inactivity for fear of making a design and financial faux pas and having to live with it for the next 5 years. This summer we had the opportunity to change the name and look of our children’s ministry program as our church was changing her name too. Believe me, I was a little worried. Here are some tips that helped us come through with some amazing banners.

Children’s Ministry Banner Tip # 1: Choose a fun simple name for your ministry. The name should state clearly who your program is for. Don’t try to be too creative and wacky. Those types of names make it hard for new members or visitors to navigate your children’s ministry. Our old name had been, Kinetic Kids. I have to admit, I LOVED that name! It totally represented our ministry. However, since our church was changing names from Kinetic Church to One Life Church, we decided to ride the wave of change as well. We finally settled on Kids Life. A nod to our new name and yet still representing kids.

Children’s Ministry Banner Tip #2: Don’t do the art work yourself on some old version of Print Shop or Corelle Draw. Don’t even attempt designing it unless you are really good, or you may end up with a real dud of a banner that costs too much to throw away. If you are fortunate enough to have some amazing talent at your church plant, you can work with someone in your church who has gifts in that area. We chose to use 48 Hour Logos. They were amazing, affordable and had graphic designers bidding to work on our project. If you choose to use this service, giving them a very clear idea of what you are looking for will be really important. Have an idea of colors, style, images etc. Once we found the design we liked, we were able to connect with the designer and ask him to put together several other banners for our children’s department. I’ve included a photo of those below.

Children’s Ministry Banner Tip #3: Go big or stay home! Our banner sets the tone for the whole elementary classroom. We set up our elementary class in a high school cafeteria each week and our banner is part of what really makes the room feel more like a kids room and less like a lunch room. We chose a banner that is 8 feet high and 14 feet long. We hang it on our pipe and drape rods and then use black curtains the rest of the way around the room. Measure your room and your pipe and drape poles to make sure you get the size you want. We take up a fairly large corner of the cafeteria so the big banner helps anchor the room.

What tips have you found helpful when creating a classroom that is set up and torn down each week?


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