I have no doubt that God wants us to move to Las Vegas. I’m more sure of it than just about anything. Just because I know it doesn’t mean that I’m happy about it all the time. I was recently with my parents. The conversation came up that we probably...

How to Pray Part 1 – For Your Pastor

The Lord seems to be speaking very clearly about the importance of prayer this week.  Once a month a few of our staff wives and I get together for lunch.  Each month I select a message for us to listen to before hand and then we discuss it at lunch.  This month we...

Keeping the Plates Spinning

Sometimes I get frustrated with the plates I am thrown during the day and expected to keep spinning.  Not only am I trying to get three kids ready for school while keeping the baby from climbing up on the table, but now all of a sudden my day is rearranged because my...
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