I love church camp, (buddy camp, sr. or jr. high camp).

I love the smell of musty dorms,

noisy chow halls,

mail call,

and worship.

The sweet holy worship of kids calling on their God.

In the woods,

at the campfire,

in an old chapel.

It reminds me,

of my first experiences with God,

there in the fields,

the quiet times,

the family times.


Last weekend I co-deaned Buddy Camp with a fellow children’s pastor, Chrissy McConkey at Park Springs Christian Camp. I love that Buddy Camp is for the the little guys (K-1st) and that they get to experience camp for the first time with a buddy who probably encountered God at camp when they were young too. Our buddies were Moms and Dads and Grandpas and Grandmas, some were big brothers. What a great weekend to see kids excited about God and excited about camp! What are your camp memories?


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