In my last post I was complaining about all the plates I have to keep spinning.  Often times I do it by myself because Dave is busy doing a church planting thing that has to be done and I am holding down the fort at home.

I was reminded in my bible study tonight that it is not always “all about me.”  Then later, as the women from bible study were leaving, I am reminded again with one phone call.  David calls and lets me know that his VW bug broke down on the side of the road tonight as he was driving to Koernersville to speak.  He was 18 miles from the church and had to call and get someone to come pick him up and take him to the church.  He gets there with just 15 minutes to spare.  Then he is on.

After he does his talk and the service is over, he calls me.  Someone had offered to give him a ride home and he is having the VW bug towed to a VW place up there somewhere.  Here I am comfortable at home, a little stressed trying to get it all done, but still safe and snug at home.  While he is out there, an hour and a half or so away from home, trying to figure out if the clutch is out or if the engine blew.  Not to mention the wooden stick and hammer he keeps in the car just in case the starter acts up and has to be pounded on.

I’m so worried about my plates falling, but what about his?  One of the biggest things we as church planting wives can do is pray for our husbands and their ministry.  I can’t emphasize it enough.  I am preaching to myself as much as anyone else.  I often get so wrapped up in my own issues, that I forget to take David to the throne of the one who has called him.  So many times I forget to lift him up and ask for God’s protection over him, which is what I should have done tonight.  Or for God’s glory to shine through him.  You can bet I did both right away!

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