My second book, Bloom Where You’re Planted II, is finally done! This book has been a labor of love and stress all year long. Or at least for the last four months.

Going back to work in March put a huge wrinkle in my book writing, editing, publishing, and finishing process. Actually, who are we kidding? It also put a huge wrinkle in my cooking, laundry and housekeeping processes as well. But when I had been previously procrastinating thinking I had plenty of time and then suddenly I didn’t, that was scary.

Now most writers have a bit of procrastination in them, mainly from fear of failure. We put off writing because we fear failure, until the fear of not meeting our deadline overcomes our fear of failure and then we kick things into overdrive and get it done. This very closely mirrors the process of my last month or two. I have been madly dashing about making sure everything was getting done.

So it is with humble appreciation for all the many players who helped bring this Bloom II book to publication, that I boldly and excitedly encourage you to grab a copy! Here is a link to the book on Amazon:

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