It’s finally here! My new book, Bloom Where You’re Planted, will be published this month and available at the Exponential Conference 2013 and on Many of you have been on this year long writing process with me. You have prayed for me and encouraged me along the way. Thank you for your inspiration. I will post snipets of the book here over the next month or so until it is available on I am asking all of you to buy a copy and go online and rate it with Amazon (available April 2013). Thanks!

“If you listen carefully, you can hear God’s high calling on your heart and your life as he whispers it across the ages. If you are in any form of ministry, serving in your local church or mission, you are answering this call. 

This book is about the women who answer that call in a uniquely fearsome way. This book is about pastor’s wives, more specifically, it is the story of pastor’s wives who step out in faith and leaving everything solid and secure behind them, partner with their husbands in planting new churches. 

 Blooming Where You are Planted is one of the most difficult things a woman can do. Being uprooted from all you hold dear and know of, can take it’s toll. But if you are blooming, you are thriving. You are beautiful to behold wherever you have been planted. 

 When God calls us on a difficult journey, He doesn’t just do it because He has a cosmic want ad that He needs filled. He calls us to out of the way places, or to busy, crowded spaces, to journey’s that are dangerous and filled with heartache because He wants us so much more for us than we can comprehend. He wants us fully alive and dangerous to the enemy.” – Bloom Where You’re Planted, Anne Milam

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