This week I am blessed to be spending time with an amazing group of women. (My sweet friends Holly and Michelle are in the picture.) They are all Stadia/Bloom church planting wives and it is such an honor and privilege to share with them on this journey. We are in Estes Park, Colorado at the YMCA of the Rockies on the Bloom annual retreat. This is a time each fall that we spend away from our churches and our families to train, renew and refuel for the coming year.

I look forward to this retreat each year because it is the one time I can sit for hours and hours and talk to other women in the trenches of church planting. We can share each others joy and sorrows and it is so validating to know, “She feels that way too!”This year Janet McMahon, of Restore Community Church, lead the leader’s seminar and Sherri McCready, of Highland Christian Church, lead the retreat. God has gifted these ladies in powerful ways and allowed them to speak truth and encouragement to us pastor’s wives.

As pastor’s wives and planter’s wives, we are always pouring our cup out for others. That is why it is so imperative that we make time daily to refill that cup, and for me, to annually come away from life and chaos to spend time alone with God and with others who share my experience. Where do you go for spiritual renewal? Who do you allow to pour into you? Where do you retreat?


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