What do you do for your staff wives to encourage them? What do you do as the lead pastor’s wife to lift them up, and train them? Stadia, the church planting organization we partnered with, has a wonderful ministry for and by the women who plant with them.

This ministry is called Bloom! and I am excited to a part of her leadership team. The goal of this group is to encourage the lead planter spouses so they in turn can minister to the women under them; staff wives, ministry leaders, etc.

One of Bloom’s many ministry teams is the Blessings Ministry. My friend Tammy Smith (Impact Community Church) heads up that group and is constantly coming up with simple, great ideas to encourage our ladies, which we can in turn use to encourage our staff if we choose. I am so grateful to Tammy and her team for their thoughtfulness.

The photo for this post is a shot of the “Blessing” that I received from her team this week. Comment back on great ideas you have used or seen to encourage the women on your team!

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