We are in ministry right? So the end of November all through the month of December is relentless. Filled with every kind of delicious, frenzied holiday activity. But I still have to do a photo Christmas card. This is a MUST!

Each year I struggle with getting just the right family Christmas photo, but I usually wait until December to get it so that the mood and decorations will be perfect. This year was no different and by the time I got just the right picture and sent it off to be printed and got it back, we were only days before the great celebration of Christ’s birth was upon us.


I cut myself some slack and said, “They can just be ‘Happy New Year’s’ cards, lots of people do that!”

Well…I finally sent them out the last week in January! I almost didn’t, but the penny pincher in me couldn’t waste all that money. So off they went as I assured myself that at least my Christmas photo wouldn’t have to compete with all the other Christmas photos and everyone could enjoy it fully and give it their undivided attention.

The picture sent is the one above. Maybe next year I should just send an Easter photo or maybe a Spring Break photo. How late have you sent out Christmas cards? What is your Christmas photo story?

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