Our small group leaders at Kinetic are AMAZING!  I just spent a weekend with 28 of our small group leaders in Myrtle Beach.  It was a very moving weekend for David and I as we began to see the vision that began with this church about 5 years ago finally begin to take hold on such a large and organized scale.  I am just marveling at the depth and growth in our leaders and wow’ed by the passion in their hearts to take Jesus to people who need him.

The weekend was full of training for the small group leaders, but between the layers of training were developed bonds of camaraderie and friendship.  People connected to one another in ways we don’t usually have time for.  Most of these wonderful small group leaders never get to hang out with each other because they are each busy with their own group of people to lead.  The feeling of all of us being on the same team and able to advance as a solid unit with a unified plan was incredible.

We have done training before and we have regular huddles throughout the year, but there is something about getting away with people for a whole weekend to bond over a common mission that was incredibly motivating.  I thank God that David and I are a part of such a great body of believers who want to really advance the Great Commission. It is an honor and a privilege to serve side by side with you as we work together to share the Good News of Christ!

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