woman_praying-1Ohhh boy I know this one is a hard one…but the results are AMAZING!  Time and time again you know it and I know it, the quickest, easiest, most automatic thing our flesh wants to do is complain.  Complain about the shoes all over, socks on the floor, dirty dishes, trash that needs to go out, projects not finished,…etc.  But we need to remind ourselves about Phil. 2:14, Do ALL things without complaining or murmuring.  All includes dealing with your husband!  Pray for his problem areas or the areas that you know your nagging won’t do anything.  Pray for his finances, friendships, wisdom, generosity, leading abilities, relationship with GOD, and any other thing that you are quick to complain about it.  Write these things down in a journal with a verse on that topic next to it, so when you want to open your mouth and complain, you are able to pray with power and authority of the Holy Spirit.  Be the praying wife he may not even know he needs and you will see amazing results…there is NOTHING too difficult for GOD!

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