Although I have only been a wife for a year and four months, I have found that if you open yourself up to learning, you can learn things that will strengthen your  marriage very quickly.  So for day one Ladies, I have learned to NEVER TALK BAD ABOUT YOUR HUSBAND!!!  This one luckily I didn’t have to learn from a mistake, but I know many women who have.  Women, especially Christian Women, are tempted to run to their bible buddies and vent about their husband and at the end of their ranting and raving ask them to pray for him…this is not the way to go about having your husbands back!  Ladies, we are to be our husbands number one fan, loudest cheerleader, and constant supporter.  How can you do this if you are talking bad about him behind his back?  So do your marriage a favor and always keep him covered in nothing but positive talk, it will show him and others how much you respect him!

Have a God-Awesome Week!


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