As a relative newcomer to being a Southern Girl and a former Northern Girl, I have a confession to make…I don’t always fix my hair. I don’t always wear cute clothes. I sometimes don’t take a shower. Sometimes I just get up and start my day and figure, I’ll take one later.  I’m sure none of you are ever that gross or lazy, but just saying: I sometimes am.

Although that nonchalant northern attitude about my appearance has served me well in the past, (I’m not all hung up if people see me without makeup and in my glasses instead of my contacts), it has also lead to some uncomfortable situations where my vanity has taken some knocks. While I grew up in Ohio where “au naturel” was totally in vogue, I have lived long enough in Georgia and North Carolina to know that most women in the South don’t leave the house without a bit of makeup and a touch to the hair.

I’ve been that woman at Macy’s in her workout clothes that gets a dirty look from the cashier. The look that says, “Seriously, can’t you fix yourself up woman, before going out in public!” I usually can just take it in stride and comfort myself with the fact that I just burned 678 calories for the last hour and you can’t do that behind a register, sister!

I’ve also been chagrined at Chick Fil A by showing up for staff meeting in my workout clothes, no make-up, and hair a mess. When suddenly, out of nowhere,  a lovely, well put together, young woman who knows my husband says, “Hello Dave!” And then Dave turns to me and says, “Have you met my wife, Anne?”  It is in those mortifying moments I really do wish I’d had a Southern mother who had ingrained in me the necessity of NEVER, EVER, EVER leaving the house without looking presentable, since you never know whom you might meet!

This now Southern Girl had a huge fashion and hair faux pas at a national conference (Exponential West) and in front of Kay Warren, while on a panel together!  The rest of the story can be found the second half of this article: A Lesson From Southern Girls: Part 2.


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