Dry Shampoo is the amazing new discovery in my life. Dry shampoo has changed my life, literally, changed my life! OK, maybe not changed it like Jesus did, but it has been a huge discovery for me. I’m surprised it took me this long to find it!

Here my 4 top reasons for being in LOVE with this product:

1) Dry Shampoo Reason 1: On Sunday morning, when I am running late with the kiddos and just need to get out of the house by 8 or earlier, but my hair is a total mess (Because I didn’t prepare on Saturday with a wash or dry or curl, I know!), dry shampoo sails in to save the day. It usually takes me an hour and a half to get ready when I wash my hair. About 15-20 minutes in the shower and then another whole hour with my hair up in clips to air dry as much as possible before I flip it over and pop it with the blow dryer right before I leave the house. And that is only if I am not curling it for wavy, smooth curls. That takes another 30 minutes. But with dry shampoo, I simply lift the oily strands, shake it in at the root and continue all over my head. Then I flip my head over and gently blend it all in. Then I flip my head back to normal, pick my hair out and voila! An even better hairdo than I had the day before! All fresh, clean smelling, non oily, and full of body and texture. I really think this is a product from heaven!

2) Dry Shampoo Reason 2: With this product, I can go for days and days without washing my hair! Yes, I know that sounds gross…but in the winter when my hair stays straight the best, dry shampoo keeps my hair looking fabulous for 3-4 days. I’ve even pushed it to 5! OK, if I work out, I have to wash my hair. But I don’t usually work out from November to January. I just eat my way through the holidays and pay for it February to April. About that time the humidity is working in my favor and I can go with the natural curl.

3) Dry Shampoo Reason 3: You can use it even with clean hair. If you just need a little lift or extra body for your freshly washed hair, dry shampoo gives it some amazing texture and body. Enough said!

4) Dry Shampoo Reason 4: It makes my hair smell lovely! I love the smell of Bumble and Bumble’s Pret A Powder. It not only takes the oil away, it deodorizes too! Now before I discovered Bumble’s product, I often used baby powder. I can get away with that because my hair is light. It may not work so well on people with darker hair. However, with the baby powder, I smelled decidedly of baby butt, clean baby butt, but baby butt none the less. So Bumble’s product works better for me. But hey, beauty pageant girls have been using baby powder in their hair for years and years! I’m not knocking it, plus it’s a lot cheaper than Bumble.

So go out there and find yourself some dry shampoo! You’ll be glad you did. You might even get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning, a very rare commodity for a church planting wife!

If you have had any experience, good or bad with dry shampoo, please share below. And if you have an amazing suggestion for a dry shampoo product, please share the info in the comments section.

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