This week we celebrated our 19th anniversary and a belated 4oth birthday gift to my hubby, sweet Pastor Dave, on a 7 day Carnival cruise. We left from Charleston, SC and cruised toward the Bahamas with stops on Turks and Caicos (beautiful), Half Moon Cay (perfectly lovely), and Nassau (great shopping).

The best part about this cruise is that we could drive a short 3 1/2-4 hour drive to get there. No flights required. This is Dave’s favorite type of vacation. He has been drooling over taking a cruise since our last one, nine years ago, when we conceived our 3rd child.

Through a blessing from close friends and staff members, Daniel and Allyson Hodges, we were able to leave our four kiddos at home and just enjoy the week together alone. Don’t remember the last time that happened. It was blissful.

Our kids saw a photo of the water slide on the boat and wanted to know if we went down it. They didn’t understand why we never went back to that deck after taking the photo on our first day.

What’s your favorite vacation? Do you have cruise tips for us for the next time?


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